What is mastering?

Mastering is the bridge between music creation and release, whereby a piece of audio is refined, cleaned up, and prepared for commercial standards.
Mastering implements a bunch of complex audio engineering processes like equalization, compression, volume normalization and other techniques to make a track ready for consumption for the world of sound.

What is online mastering?

Online Mastering is a secure online booking service for mastering your project. Choose which option you prefer, place your order, upload your project and any notes you may have and we will return your tracks as soon as they have been mastered.

How Will I Receive My Master?

 Standard delivery files included in all projects are:

  • All files tagged with Artwork and Metadata.16-bit/44.1k WAV file – CD and most online distributors (Spotify, Youtube, etc).High-quality MP3 320kbps for easy online distribution/download. Mastered for iTunes files. (24bit files must be provided) DDP files for CD replication. (For EP and Albums)

What Is The Turnaround Time For Mastering?

After placing an order  you will usually receive your finished master within 2 working days. Also depending on our schedule we will work out a deadline together that you can rely on.We also offer an express service which is a 24 hour turnaround.

Do you do Digital or Analogue Mastering?

We use both high quality industry standard analogue equipment with the latest audio technology software. Which is sometimes referred to as hybrid, we like to use the terminology Mojo.

How much will it cost and do you offer a discount if I order more songs?

Please see our rates here. And yes we offer students discount.

Do you cut vinyl?

Yes! Contact a member of the bookings team for a bespoke quote on  44+ 770-2094-894 or you can use our enquiry form

Can You Master From Stems?

Yes we master stems

What is a ISRC code?

ISRC Code or International Standard Recording Code is a unique code used to identify recording and publishing rights, and credit information. More information is available here:

Do you Offer Mixing Services / Can you Also Mix My Song?

At this time we only offer mastering services, and thus you will need to have your song mixed prior to uploading it to us for the best results.This may change in the future, but at the moment we are focused on offering the best mastering platform for our customers. We prefer to leave mixing to the brilliant mix engineers out there.

How do I send my tracks

After check out you will be directed to our upload page to transfer your tracks for mastering:
Please make sure you export your mix at the highest possible quality and also that the track is not clipping and the level peaks are well below 0 dBFS throughout the length of the track.

Where can I get ISRC codes from?

You can apply for ISRC codes at your local ISRC agency, to find the agency for your territory visit

Why is mastering important?

Mastering is important because it helps your music meet the standards of professional and popular music. Mastering is what helps make professional tracks sound loud, crisp and tight. Without proper mastering your tracks will sound dull, lifeless, and quiet in volume.